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Tormod Sekse Bilstad

Business Development Manager

IK Okt20 1004

Commissioning, Maintenance, Turnaround and Emergency Repair 

We are your Topside partner, making your pipe and pipelines run efficiently, safely and profitably.​ Established in 1987, we have over 34 years' industry experience and our highly competent team holds extensive experience in solving the industry’s most complex challenges. Our innovative know-how comes from Topside’s interlinked in-house disciplines. Combined, this gives us an extremely broad area of expertise when it comes to problem-solving . 

Maximise your UPTIME. 

With our clever use of field-proven technology and methods, we help our clients avoid costly shutdowns. Our methods and products are also regularly used to separate repair and maintenance work from turnarounds, allowing our clients to shorten the turnaround period, maximise uptime and prioritise more important work. 

Brilliant engineering is the DNA of IK-Group. We believe this gives us the edge to deliver quick, innovative, and safe solutions; we talk your language and understand your problems.  

Make your Commissioning, Maintenance and Turnaround work run safely and smoothly with our planning, solutions, equipment and execution.    

Topside Services

Your Uptime Pipeline Partner

Topside Services - All You Need To Know

Pipe Intervention  

  • Hot & Cold Taping  
  • Line Stopping 
  • Emergency Repair Clamps – Integrity  
  • Emergency Pipe Repair Clamps – Sealing 
  • Bespoke Engineering & Execution 
  • On-Site Engineering  
  • Concrete Wall Penetration for Piping

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Field Service  

  • Isolation Barriers 
  • Specialised Weld Isolation  
  • Specialised Weld Purging  
  • Hydrostatic Testing 
  • Turnaround planning 
  • Rental Equipment 
  • On-Site Machining

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Calibration Laboratory 

  • Calibration Services  
  • Field Calibration  

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Torque & Tensioning  

  • Hydraulic Torque & Tensioning Tools 
  • Hydraulic Torque & Tensioning Pumps  
  • Hydraulic TT Equipment: Hoses, Connectors, etc  
  • Flange Work Equipment  
  • Hot Bolting  
  • Training, Course: Flange Work NS-EN 1591-4

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Resato – High Pressure Technologies  

  • Pumps & Units
  • Valve Components & Parts 
  • Water, Oil & Gas Application
  • Bespoke Units 
  • Hydrogen  
  • On-site Service & Maintenance 

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