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Declaration of compliance with the Transparency Act in Norway

IK Group AS hereby declares that as a responsible organization we meet the requirements of the Transparency Act in Norway. We attach great importance to openness, transparency, and fair treatment of information in all aspects of our business.

As part of our commitment to comply with the Transparency Act, we take active initiatives to ensure that relevant information about our organization, our operations and our decisions are available to the public. We follow the legal requirements that the law imposes on us when it comes to information we are obliged to make public.

To ensure transparency, we regularly publish relevant information about our business on our official website. This includes obvious information about our products, services, board composition, organizational structure and annual reports. We also provide the necessary information about our financial affairs, including accounts, budgets and any associated companies.

In addition, we emphasize making the information easily accessible to all interested parties. We ensure that our website is user-friendly, and that the information is available in a language and format that is understandable and accessible to different user groups. We also accept questions and inquiries from the public and try to answer them as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Furthermore, we follow best practices for data security and privacy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We treat all information confidentially and take the necessary measures to protect personal data and other sensitive information.

Our culture of transparency commits us to continuous improvement when it comes to complying with the requirements of the Transparency Act. We will continue to work to maintain the highest standards of transparency and information sharing in our socially responsible work.

We hereby declare that IK Group AS complies with the Transparency Act in Norway and will continue to act in line with the principles of openness, transparency and fair information processing.


Eirik Berge

CEO, IK Group AS