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The world has experienced a profound shift in the energy outlook. The IK-Group is firmly committed to help making change possible, positive and sustainable. This requires making environmental, social and governance topics an integral part of our business strategy.

Enabling Carbon Footprint Reductions

We have a long tradition of innovation and technological development. By utilizing the innovative core competence of the IK-Group, we deliver solutions that enable carbon footprint reductions and keep people and operations safe and secure.

Our ability to act and react to the challenges we face is decisive to our success as a business. It’s also decisive to our role as contributor to a low-carbon economy. 

Day-to-day Sustainability

Pursuing sustainability goals means not only participating in initiatives of international relevance like the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. It also means operating coherently in our day-to-day work while maintaining open relationships with all our stakeholders.

Keeping Safe and Secure

The IK-Group operates in many sensitive areas and difficult contexts. We are at all times aware of the possible risks to people, environment and assets associated with our activities.

To maintain safety in our operations we have to have an accurate knowledge of the environment and of the potential risk conditions. Consolidated and technically reliable methods, procedures and instruments are vital to the safety and security. Fundamental is also the human factor. That’s why we cultivate a regenerative health and safety culture.

Innovative Gene Pool

Innovation is the key factor to our competitive position, and we are always on the lookout for talented people that prepare us for present and future challenges.