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The IK-Subsea Team have recently commenced work on another project for a large energy company, located in South America. 

The project requires a miniature ROV operated sealing clamp to fix a leakage on an X-mas tree.  This bespoke clamp, created by our in-house experts, is based on IK’s Scissor Clamp model and is designed for 140 bar sealing capacity.  It will be hydraulically operated and controlled, ensuring it is suitable for areas where access and space can be challenging.

Scissor clamp rev01.81

IK Subsea Tender Manager, Bozidar Sevic, said, "Regardless of the size or complexity, we bring equal dedication and passion to addressing every client's issues." 

IK-Subsea is an engineering solutions provider that specialises in repair and maintenance of pipeline and production systems. Our technology helps our clients to maximise their production efficiency across the lifetime of their assets. We bring Brilliant Engineering to life.

Interested in hearing more about what IK Subsea do?  Click the link here, or get in touch with Subsea Business Development Director, Roddy Brown

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