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IK Okt20 1196 kopi

A new-to-IK-Group customer have just completed a first series of isolations using the AOGV technology on an offshore LNG facility in Western Australia. A total of 9 isolations over 3 different flange sizes were conducted in relation to a planned shutdown. The AOGV facilitated tie-ins to the existing instrument air system by enabling pipe blinds to be exchanged with valves. The work was performed by a specialist IK-Group crew and performed flawlessly according to plan with no LTI’s.  

Isabell Dobler Krüger, IK Groups Project Manager comments "We are pleased to see that our AOGV isolation technology are being used successfully by yet another customer, which by the way already have ordered two purpose built AOGV’s for an isolation campaign at the same facility starting in the spring of next year. We look forward to continue the good relationship with them through this new project.


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