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Specialised Weld Isolation equipment & services for Splash-Zone Riser Repair


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Project Manager:

Peter Bjørnsen

The client, Aker Solutions (Brunei), is working for Brunei Shell Petroleum offshore maintenance projects. One of the client's operational tasks involves repairing of risers on offshore installations. Many risers require maintenance and repair due to corrosion, pitting and general metal loss. There are both de-pressurized risers and pressurized risers. These factors have mainly been found in and around the splash zone area. Most of these risers have miter joints around the splash zone area and are therefore not easily navigable for normal standard plugs or pigs with regard to system maintenance or repair.

These repairs will involve replacing some sections of the risers and possibly replacing some whole riser sections/segments over sea level. This work entails cutting & welding operations. IK-Topside have long experience and expertise with this type of equipment for double block and bleed (DB&B) weld isolating and cold cutting of depressurized risers.  A DB&B barrier is essential when performing hot work operations/welding operations on these hydrocarbon process lines.

After ascertaining the required installation information through site surveys and client supplied technical specifications and data, IK mobilized a team of specialized field engineers to supervise and perform the operations on site.

The DBB Weld Isolation Flexible Plugs are manually energized and therefore no electrical or pneumatic requirements are required on site for these isolation operations. An accompanying set of hoses and lifting accessories are also available for confined areas and can replace the need for heavy lifting requirements or crane availability.

With the use of IK-Topside’s specially designed flexible double barrier isolation equipment and techniques, the client can perform hot-work activities in a safe and efficient manner.  The weld isolation equipment is locally installed and therefore no requirement for full pipeline cleaning or gas freeing is necessary.

A perfect isolation system for this type of operation. The tools are light weight, flexible and there is no requirement for any heavy lifting.  The equipment and operational procedures are easy to follow. Riser section change out can be performed safely, efficiently and with full verification.

Peter Bjørnsen

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