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Rapid Delivery of Subsea High Pressure Methanol Line


Bend Clamp Solution




British North Sea

Project Manager:

Christian Knutsen

A leakage in a 3” methanol line was detected during the spring 2022. Client contacted IK for a possible solution. IK explored and proposed several alternative solutions for the various possible leakage scenarios, while client was performing a survey for settling of precise leakage location.

The leakage location was found to be in a 900 pipe-bend, and the bend clamp solution were detailed out while material and machining capacity was reserved. The leakage was found to be in the middle of the bend and the elbow clamp was designed to cover the entire bend.

The design and analysis were completed in a few days followed by the fabrication and the successful sealing and structural testing.  The clamp was installed by divers a few days after received on the mobilization base. An IK supervisor visited the vessel and gave installation instructions during the mobilization, securing sufficient competence / understanding for the offshore crew.

The rapid delivery were executed safely and according to plan by following IK’s Competency Based Emergency Repair procedure, tailor made for urgent client requirements.

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