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AOGV - Spool Removal - Live System

IK-Group was awarded a contract to install the AOGV on a flanged connection to enable the removal of a 2” closed drain




May 2021


Norwegian Continental Shelf

Project Manager:

Svein Tore Milwertz & Hallgeir Reiestad

The AOGV was installed on a flanged connection to enable removal of a 2” closed drain. The line was used for a water injection pump unit that was decommissioned and scheduled for removal. Use of the AOGV enabled the disconnection and removal of the pumps connection to the closed drain without the need to shut down the system.

Following the positive isolation by blind spade, the line towards the pump unit was purged and gas freed through the AOGV. Once the spool to be removed was confirmed gas free it was disconnected and removed from the AOGV. The line was then fitted with a blind flange, new gasket, and new bolts.

The AOGV operation was performed in good cooperation with onboard personnel and executed without incidents.

The operation was undertaken on behalf of international operator within the NCS (Norwegian Continental Shelf).

AOGV key metrics:

  • Flange: 2” – class 150
  • Operation pressure: 0,3 bar
  • Medium: HC – gas

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