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8" Compact Sealing Clamp


8" Patch Clamp


March 2019


Offshore / Central Africa

Project Manager:

Boziar Sevic

Project Description

A global operator revealed 2 leaks on the 8” CIA production flow-line. The first leak was located at the transition between Rigid flow-line and flexible jumper and the second leak was located mid-line of the 8” pipeline. IK-Group was awarded the repair of the leaking 8” CIA production flow-line and has installed two types of Patch Clamps in order to stop the leak.

Operational Parameters

  • Patch Clamp Size: 8"
  • Design Pressure: 200 bar
  • Test Pressure: 300 bar
  • Packer (Seal): NBR, Shore 85
  • Medium: Oil /Water
  • Water Depth: 580m
  • Installation method: ROV Installable
  • Design Life: Clamp #1 -5 year, #2 -10years


2 Clamps - #1 delivered in 3 weeks, #2 delivered in 8 weeks.

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