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20m High Pressure Test Box System

Large Testbay to test downhole tools and equipment


Resato Project / TPT


Pre-summer 2020 - December 2020


Tananger, Norway

Project Manager:

Bjørn Larsen

This is the second delivery of an 20 meter long High Pressure Testbox system to SLB Completions. The Costumer are downscaling the number of locations in the region and was in need for flexible system (to be moved again if needed) and a solution which covers their stright POM. The Testbox system are a perfect way to perform safe testing in a modulare containment and spares the cost of integrating testbays into buildings and workshops.

  • HP pressure test eqiupment from Resato
  • 20 meters Test box system
  • Safety features - Lighting, locks, emergency botton, cameras
  • Pre-fill skids
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Controlled bleed
  • Fast filling time
  • Logging system

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