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Tore Gjøse

Torque & Pressure Technology Manager

Torque Pressure Testing

It's all about safety.  

Working with high pressure demands, knowledge and experience, IK-Norway’s Torque and Pressure Technologies team have a long-standing collaboration with ResatoTogether we provide the safest solutions and meet the highest quality demands.   

The danger of high pressure

High pressure is intangible, you cannot see the dangers and you cannot smell them, but the results of mistakes made with high pressure can be deadly to both humans and businesses. We keep up to date on all solutions, regulations and end customer requirements.


From standardized tools to tailormade solutions, our engineers have designed specialized torque tools for over 30 years.

IK-Norway’s Torque and Pressure Technologies team can assist in your inspection, planning and execution within all areas of pressure and torque. Our combined experience together with Resato ensures a unique value proposition for safe operations.