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Roald Kolnes

Pipe Intervention Manager

Pipeline Intervention

Pipe Intervention has been IK’s core business from day one.

IK's Pipe Intervention dept. offer repair clamps and isolation methods for topside piping systems, that allow client to avoid costly shutdowns.

Our methods and products can also be used to remove repair & maintenance work from planned shutdowns. This will allow client to shorten the shutdown period or to prioritize more important work.

IK has been part of forming standard and special intervention methods for more than 30 years. Regardless of the past, IK sees the need to continually challenge existing methods and evolve towards better and more cost-effective solutions.

IK knows that combining curiosity, extensive understanding of standards and technical knowhow results high quality lean deliveries for us and our clients.

The core deliveries for Pipe intervention are normally in the following range:

  • Sealing clamps
  • Structural clamps
  • Concrete wall penetrations for piping
  • Hot tapping and line stopping
  • Freeze plugs
  • Bespoke piping/components as per need*

IK has and continuously deliver bespoke solutions for a large variety of problems so if you have an issue with a topside asset, please do not hesitate to contact us as we probably have encountered similar issues.

“We secure safe operations for late-life fields, installations and facilities. Always with production up-time and customer return as key metrics”

Roald Kolnes, Department Manager