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Kenneth Låtveit

Business Development and Sales Manager

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The patented AOGV Mechanical Isolation Tool solves your problem – Simple, Safe and Smart!

Postponement of planned shutdowns and maintenance may increase the risk of unwanted incidents and longer shutdowns in the future.

The AOGV – Add On Gate Valve – inserts an isolation spade on a live flanged connection. This field proven technology reduces down time. The need for drainage, venting, purging and flushing is significantly reduced. The use of AOGV technology allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.

The AOGV is a patented technology (US11.149.895)

Pure OPEX sense!

Each AOGV application represents a saving of 2 to 20 MUSD – mainly due to increased production uptime. Moreover, AOGV adds flexibility to your maintenance strategy and provides certified lifetime extension for your process plant, refinery or O&G installation.

“It’s about time somebody came up with this solution”

Too good to be true? The quote above comes from a customer after using the AOGV in real life operations.

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