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Boz Angola 2

Last week one of our project managers for Subsea, Bozidar Sevic, attended the Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) Oil & Gas Mission exploring new opportunities in Angola. This event was a great opportunity to hear of North Sea cost reductions and environmentally friendly solutions applicable for the Angolan market. Bozidar also had the pleasure of presenting at the event, showcasing IK's innovative subsea equipment, services and solutions. 

"Everything at the event was so relevant. Every conversation, every meeting, every person that was there, it's so good to be back at an event like this after the last 18 months or so. I made great connections at the event and I am looking forward to continuing our work in the region."- Bozidar Sevic

Thank you to NORWEP for the invite. 

For more information click here, or get in touch with Bozidar directly here: EMAIL

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