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IK’s Subsea Department have developed a Mark II of their Coating Removal Tool for removal of multilayer PU insulation and FBE coatings on 6″, 8″ and 10″ pipe spools. The tool includes milling heads for both steel and PU in the subsea environment, as well as wire brushes for surface preparation of the bare steel pipe.

The Coating Removal Tool can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Bozidar Sevic, IK Subsea Project Manager, says “Besides the improved structural robustness and reduced operational vibrations, the Mark II is also equipped with the much more powerful worm gearbox for enhanced durability and has increased inline stroke for operational continuity.

The tool can be easily upgraded to pipe sizes up to 24”. What is unique about it is that it’s designed for and field-proven not only on polypropylene coating but also steel structures in ultra-deep waters”

For more information about the Orbital Coating Removal Tool, please contact IK’s Subsea Manager Adrian Gamman here or connect with him via LinkedIn

Key Information:

• ROV Operated Subsea CRT
• Coating thickness: 50-100mm
• Stroke: up to 1000mm
• Water Depth: up to 3000m
• Pipe OD: 6″ – 24″ (interchangeable gripping pads)

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