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In June IK-Group’s AOGV Team, lead by Kenneth Rosen, had the privilege of being invited to present to the Young Pipeline Professionals Europe (YPPE) as part of their webinar series – YPPE FEST. The YPPE audience had an added bonus as Kenneth was joined by AOGV inventor, Kjetil Aamodt.

In this webinar, the team explain the principal of “Maintenance Without Cash Flow Shutdown”.

The AOGV is a world first which allows maintenance to be carried out on a live system, without the need for shutdown. They also include the background of the AOGV, the main benefits and then present some use cases from the past couple of years. YPPE have very kindly allowed us to share with you the webinar that took place, which you can now find below.

For more information about the AOGV, please contact Kenneth Rosen – or visit AOGV.NO

For more information about YPPE, please visit

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