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With the current Covid-19 restrictions significantly impacting events and meetings, the AOGV department are hosting a series of webinars to bring you more in depth information about their class-leading live isolation tool.

Want to know what all the noise is about? We wrap up our look at the AOGV on Friday 18th December 2020 at 1pm GMT / 2pm CET as Senior AOGV Project Manager Kenneth O. Rosén and AOGV Inventor Kjetil Aamodt discuss all things nerdy when it comes to the AOGV. Do you have a burning question that needs answered? Now is the time to ask it! Details of the series can be found below:


Webinar 1 – 6/11/20 Topic: Live System Maintenance and Repair – CATCH UP HERE –> WEBINAR REPLAY
Webinar 2 – 20/11/20 Topic: Reduced Shut Down (Isolation of: Heating / cooling medium, process system segregation, main process) – CATCH UP HERE –> WEBINAR REPLAY
Webinar 3 – 4/12/20 Topic: Field development (Tie in / Decom) – CATCH UP HERE –> WEBINAR REPLAY
Webinar 4 – 18/12/20 Topic: AOGV for nerds!

To register for the remaining webinars, please go to the following link –>

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