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16inch AOGV Butterfly news 1

Following on from the success of last year’s campaign, we are currently preparing our 16in Butterfly valve AOGV for a new campaign changing out butterfly valves on an FPSO while the process plant is in operation. Having the opportunity to change out the valves during operation saves the clients for longer shutdowns and production interruption. The AOGV is carefully placed over the flanges on each side of the butterfly valve to be changed and forms a pressure vessel from which the valve then can be unbolted, retrieved and replaced with a new valve, seals and bolts. The AOGV is then removed and the plant returned to its original specification.


The AOGV – Add On Gate Valve – inserts an isolation spade on a live flanged connection. This field proven technology reduces down time. The need for drainage, venting, purging and flushing is significantly reduced. The use of AOGV technology allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.

16inch AOGV Butterfly news 2 16inch AOGV Butterfly news 4

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with AOGV VP Rune Sele

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